Pinky’s Pideas #1…this queen is keepin’ her COCK!

pinky2So I decided to start my drag career. Someone gave me some advice and told me that I just needed to start getting my face out there, let myself be seen in public, start slowly and get comfortable as Pinky. So I did. I bought makeup…

Most girls at the cosmetics counter didn’t even flinch. I was clocked by the homophobic asshole just waiting in line behind me rolling his eyes and “tisking and heavy sighing while the nice girl looked up all the coupons she could for me. He did have to wait a minute because it takes a whole lotta paint the beat this mug, and my girl was hookin’ it up!

So I practiced, and practiced till I was starting to resemble some of the girls on Drag Race. I decided to start showing up at drag friendly functions, Bingo, house parties, etc.

The reactions where varried. Most of my friends wern’t supprised, in fact they were excited to see where I was going to go with it. Word got out and soon Pinky received an invitation to a party, where the host was a friend of my in-laws. Now the in-laws knew about Pinky, but hadn’t expierenced her yet. I showed up in my party dress and all. Ofcourse I was given welcoming gestures, all the time you could see it in some of the guest’s eye’s, ” what the hell?” Most who had heard the word were excited to finally meet Pinky, and the questions started, “Is this where you’re going now these days? Is this who you’ve decided to be?”

Ummm…where did it say somewhere that when a man puts on a wig and some high heels that he’s decided to chop of his penis?

Ofcourse the reply was,” Oh no this is all for fun!”

I said to my mother one day,” Mom, I get it, I get what it’s like to be a woman, on the inside your pantyhose that have a run don’t even make it pass your butt, you fucked up your eyeliner, which fucked up your eye makeup, that took you an hour, your bra straps keep falling, your toes hurt from standing in high heels, you wanna eat something, but don’t wanna fuck up the rest of your makeup, and all this is going on inside, but the apperance on the outside is FLAWLESS.”She said to me,”Yup, you get it!”

I said, “…and, at the end of the night, when all is lipsynced and done, I get to take my vagina off and hang it up in a closet!”